Brev til EFTA forhandlerne om TRIPS+ og tilgang på medisin

Brev til EFTA forhandlerne fra Norge og Sveits om TRIPS+ og tilgang på medisin sendt fra et globalt nettverk av sivilsamfunnsorganisasjoner

Re: Concerns about TRIPS-plus provisions impacting Access to Medicines in Indonesia

We are extremely concerned that TRIPS-plus provisions that adversely impact access to medicines may be included in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

We would like to strongly urge the EFTA states to ensure that the CEPA does not include any of the TRIPS-plus provisions that may hinder access to affordable medicines in Indonesia such as data and/or market exclusivity on pharmaceutical products, patent linkage (the practice of linking marketing approval for generic products to the patent status of the originator product) or patent term extensions
for pharmaceutical products for delays in marketing approval and/or delays in granting the patent.

In this context, the EFTA states – and in particular Switzerland who is leading the negotiations on those issues – should NOT put any pressure on the Indonesian Government to adopt and lock in any requirements beyond the TRIPS Agreement (TRIPS-plus) in CEPA.

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