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“Domestic Regulation” Rules in the World Trade Organization (WTO)

6. December 2017

Det er flere land som ønsker en oppdatert avtale på innenlands regulering av tjenester i WTO GATS avtalen (Generalavtalen om handel med tjenester). En oppdatert avtale slik noen land foreslår vil bety betydelig innskrenking av hvilke muligheter stater har til å regulere tjenester. Notat skrevet av Deborah James, fra det globale nettverket OWINFS

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The WTO chessboard: queens vs peasants

28. April 2017

This paper elaborates on the different blocs of countries and their competing interests at the WTO, and explore the reasons for some of the changing dynamics in the post- Doha period. By Biraj Patnaik, for the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

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The WTO’s discussions on electronic commerce

17. January 2017

From july 2016 the debate on e-commerce at the WTO has intensified when several members proposed to negotiate new rules. This has been oppososed by many developing countries because this goes beyond the mandate in the WTO, and there is doubht of the benefits for developing countries because of the digitial divide. So what are the interests in the negotiations and who will benefit? By the South Centre.

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The northern WTO agenda on investment: do as we say, not as we did

2. January 2003

Over the last several years, the developed countries have been stepping up their efforts to formulate a viable multilateral investment agreement (MIA) that would restrict countries’ ability to control foreign direct investment (FDI), and possibly portfolio investments.South Centre 2003

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