The Norwegian Trade Campaign

Today's trading system is unfair and works mainly for the already strong and powerful. We need international trade rules and international trade organizations that support and protect the world's poor countries and people, local markets and local producers. We need a system which makes it easier for local authorities to adopt policies so that they can develop their own economy and their own population. We need a system that also takes into account the large differences in economy and needs of different countries, regions and districts.

The Norwegian Trade Campaign will oppose the current, neo-liberal trade policies and fundamentally reform the trade policy system. Unrestricted free trade and free capital movements reinforces imbalances in the world economy and increases strain on the environment. Emissions of greenhouse gasses from a growing global trade leading to climate change will primarily affect the world's poor population. In a world of highly unequal power relations, free world trade will primarily serve the economic powers and the large multinational companies. Trade should not be a goal in itself, but a tool to economic and social development and equitable distribution. It should take part in reducing poverty and need, increase democracy and sustainable development.

The Norwegian Trade Campaign will work for a world where the interests of people, environment and society are the basis for development, where key decisions for communities are left to democratic bodies and not to narrow economic interests. We will oppose the cynical pursuit of profit that will destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people, natural resources and the environment for future generations.

To reach us, please contact the secretary, Tore Isungset Støve/Eivind Breidlid at handelskampanjen@handelskampanjen.no or call +47 23 10 95 65